The Heidelberg Volleyball Academy delivers high quality technical training to individual female players.

To be considered for inclusion into the Academy, players must demonstrate:
1. a proven attitude of commitment towards training and hard work; and
2. the level of athleticism required to maintain the high standard of training.

This is an opportunity to receive instruction and guidance from highly qualified and experienced coaches, within an intensive 90 minute session, as part of a small training group.

The Heidelberg Volleyball Academy selection policy is based on quality over quantity, with limited positions available for each training cycle.

A maximum of ten positions will be available during each training cycle, at the end of which all positions will be opened for the next training cycle.
An athletes training ethic and ability to change and grow, will determine if that athlete is invited to continue into the next training cycle.

A training cycle is 6 weeks and will sit within each of the four school terms in 2017. The dates for the 2017 Training Cycles will be announced shortly:
Term 1 – February and March.
Term 2 – May and June
Term 3 – August and September
Term 4 – October and November

The cost per Training Cycle is $120 (invited current Heidelberg Club members exempt).

All training is conducted at the Ivanhoe Grammar Gym (The Ridgeway Campus, Ivanhoe) on Monday night 6.00-7.30pm

Staffed by Level 1 and 2 Coaches with state, national and international experience, the Heidelberg Volleyball Academy is aimed at the individual player and her technical development.

Expressions of interest for the 2017 training cycles can be emailed to